About Us

There’s a couple of things you need to know about a NanashakeTM. It’s a refreshingly original frozen dessert made exclusively from plant-based ingredients, and it packs a taste that will make you feel young all over again.

We are a local, family-run business on a relentless mission to turn ice cream into a healthy, inclusive and nutritious treat that can be enjoyed throughout the year by all members of the community young and old.


Can I have dessert for breakfast?
Can I treat myself to a healthy dessert without having to compromise on taste?
Can I have seconds without feeling guilty?


With NanashakeTM, the answer is always a resounding yes!

We regularly work with a registered holistic nutritionist to help us co-develop our frozen desserts to make sure that they are as healthy and nutritious as they are tasty and delicious.

Made with nature’s wholesome ingredients, a NanashakeTM is one of the few treats that your waistline and taste buds will ever see eye to eye on!