Products & Flavours

There’s a couple of things you need to know about a NanashakeTM. It’s a refreshingly original frozen dessert made exclusively from plant-based ingredients, and it packs a taste that will make you feel young all over again


The most important meal of the day can now also be the tastiest! Made with nature’s wholesome goodness, a NanashakeTM is the frozen dessert you can have anytime, breakfast included! You simply can’t go wrong when picking from one of our many delicious and unique flavours.


No two NanashakesTM are ever alike – just like nature intended. Expressing individuality and celebrating differences is at the core of what we stand for. Which NanashakeTM is for you?

We offer a complete and comprehensive line-up of plant-based frozen desserts including soft-serve, mylkshakes, popsicles, bowls, cakes and tubs featuring original flavors that you will simply not find anywhere else!